In December 2010, my youngest son was 13 months old.  He started to have a hard time sleeping.  He had his immunizations a week earlier and was running a fever and a runny nose.  I put the two together and thought he was having a reaction to the flu vaccine he had and wasn’t sleeping because he wasn’t feeling well.  He continued having a really hard time sleeping – he tossed and turned in a thrashing way, crying at times, climbing and falling out of his crib, wanting to drink up to four cups of milk a night, and he could not stand having a blanket on him.  He never seemed to really wake up, but also wasn’t really sleeping.  I would sit on the couch with him and just try to keep him safe as he thrashed around every half an hour.  Sometimes he would sleep half standing and half lying on the ottoman.   During the day he would take a 20 minute nap if I was lucky.  He moved from one thing to another in a destructive way.  I never seemed to be able to take time for my other children.

After the fever and the runny nose, I attributed the lack of sleep to teething.  He also developed fire engine red cheeks and horrible bowel movements.  Both of these go along with teething.  But after 3 months and virtually no sleep I was not a very effective parent.  His eating decreased dramatically and he looked so sad with bags under his eyes.

I called Cassandra Wind from Wind Touch Healing because she had treated my teenage son a few years earlier with great results and I remember her telling me she can work with babies.

I took my son, (16 months old at this point), in to see Cassandra.  As Cassandra worked with him, I could feel him totally relax in my arms.  After his first session his cheeks were back to normal color, he slept through the night, didn’t need anything to drink until morning, he ate like a champ, wanted to cuddle with me,  and he sat and played calmly with toys.   Words cannot describe my gratitude to Cassandra for getting my little boy back to normal.

Thank you,

Stacy Ovadal

I recently received an acupuncture treatment on the morning after a cold had set in. I had already resigned myself to being congested and miserable until the cold had run its course. Instead, after the acupuncture treatment, the cold disappeared! I was 100% better in less than 24 hours! I was amazed!


“Cassandra took the extra step, above and beyond your typical service, to provide appointments for our newborn twins. She cares so much about others and wants to ensure her clients are happy. We’d recommend Cassandra to anyone with newborn babies, she helped our sleep more each night! We were thrilled when they took more naps and went to bed with ease each night. Thanks Cassandra!”

Stephanie Gentz

I am a nursing instructor at Bryant & Stratton College. Every semester we have a portfolio day for our students to prepare them for taking their NCLEX exams (nursing state boards) and ,ultimately, to find employment.  Cassandra was invited to talk with the students about how to prepare for taking those “big tests”. She gave them great pointers for not only how and when to study, but also when to stop studying and relaxation techniques that they could use to prepare for that all important exam. She demonstrated some cupping and acupuncture techniques on the instructor, which the students enjoyed, as well as using aromatherapy and tips for proper nutrition and balancing. The presentation was very favorably received and we hope to see Cassandra back on campus again soon.

Regina Mosby, RN, MSN

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